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To the Glory of the Great Architect of the Universe

Word of the grand Master

In the name of the National Grand Lodge of Canada , I am happy to welcome you on our Internet website.

In accordance with its humanitarian and philanthropic mission, the NGLC decided to be present on this electronic medium in order to increase its means and to attain its goals.

 The NGLC, which strives for the progress of the humanity, join forces with all the Masonic Obedience’s of the world who are working on the achievement of the union centre and publishing on Freemasonry, through this site, so that the light, the harmony and the peace preside between the Freemasons and between Men. 

For the NGLC , an initiatory society, the internet is only another mean to communicate its works so that they inspire and stimulate.

Ever since, the man pursued his intellectual, spiritual and material development, in a chaotic world.  But one day, this same Man discovered that superior results can be obtained within a group of people sharing particular rules.

These rules are the one of the Freemasonry.  They are built on freedom, egalitarianism and Brotherhood and do not impose on the Freemasons any limits in their quest for the truth. They exist so that Tolerance, harmony and love serve the man who looks at improving his being. 

The individual and his environment have progressed, during the course of this century, in an exponential manner.  And, it is assumed that they will do so at a faster pace during the second millennium when the secrets of the Earth and universe will reveal themselves. 

With all the knowledge acquired through the social, economical, scientific, religious and political structures, the man, who wishes to do so, can only be more knowledgeable about the truths surrounding him.

Thus, the NGLC adopts the «freedom of conscience » and imposes no dogma.  The initiatory journey of the Freemasons is exclusively theirs and hence cannot be shared with anyone.  Nevertheless, the Freemasonry lights up their way.

The archaeological research showed that the Freemasonry, with its operational origins, existed in Canada since the beginnings of the XVII century.  Having evolved since, it underwent the same path of the Canadian territory.

The NGLC is in Canada the first Independent Masonic and Sovereign French-speaking authority that works according to the Scottish Old and accepted Rite. Nowadays,the NGLC it is international and multicultural.  The French, English, Spanish and Arabic languages are used.  In 1997, it became an active member of the CLIPSAS. 

I wish you joyous discoveries while surfing the site of the Grand Lodge National of Canada . 



Grand Master                  

Grande Loge Nationale du Canada
  3940 Bergerac, Brossard Quèbec
Canada J4Z2L6